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La Domestique LLC is committed to using only organic and naturally derived ingredients. We will never add petroleum-based substances, parabens, or compounds to offset the skin’s pH balance. We use double-walled jars to maintain the integrity of our ingredients and formulations. Remember to keep our products away from, or out, of direct heat. If our products soften too much just place the

.jar in the refrigerator for 20 minutes or briefly in the freezer 

Our Fan Favorites


See What The Glide's About

Formulated & Handcrafted by Jeanne Anne Norton to Repair, Heal and Prevent Saddle Sores  Chafing and Dermal Issues.

Naturally Simple

Holding a Branch

Using our #1 product, Bumalicious, apply to your most sensitive body parts and never worry about chafing again, anytime, anywhere. Bumalicious contains only "Certified Organic Ingredients" and "Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils"; our keys to maintaining product integrity throughout your light workouts and endurance activities


"I have to say that Bumalicious is really the best product I have ever used. When I mentioned that I also use it on my hands and feet to prevent and heal dry cracked skin I was encouraged to try the Healing Balm and, wow, this product is the BOMB!"

- Margaret T.
(RAAM Record holder & National champion)

"As an avid cyclist for over 30 years, I am very particular about products I review and purchase. I have been training and racing my bike virtually over the last few years, and started to have more "issues" with sensitivity and irritation, especially in "private" areas. Bumalicious is unique. After a few applications, such issues have been resolved. Also, as someone who is nose sensitive, and prefers natural ingredients, this product satisfies my high standards. I love the smell & texture. I cannot wait to try out the healing balm as well."

- Sherry B.

"After experiencing significant chafing and saddle sores using chamois butt'r, I switched to La Domestique's chamois cream and healing balm. After two weeks without a reduction in riding time, I'm fully healed- no more pain and my skin is healed. I highly recommend these products!!!"

- Mark F.

"Ever since I began cycling, I’ve struggled with saddle sores that would stay for months. It made riding very painful and uncomfortable. The thought of riding more than an hour would cause me to wince. I began using the chamois cream in conjunction with essential oil remedies that were made especially for me. I’ve honestly tried everything to heal my sores and this worked amazing!!!!! Not only did it help heal ones that had been lingering for months, it’s also preventing new ones from forming. I would highly recommend these products for anyone suffering from discomfort or saddle sores. The company is compassionate and they go above and beyond to help customize based on your needs."

- Brandi R..
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